Hillary… Destroying Party Lines… You Go Girl!!! (grrr)

March 7, 2008


I use to have some decent respect for Clinton, however she has never been my personal favorite. It was only recently that I’ve gain respect for Obama. The thing I like about Obama is that he is still trying to encourage unity along party lines, rather than bashing Clinton on every little detail. Clinton is obviously getting a little freaked out because she isn’t the front runner and taking measure to do anything to discredit Obama. I believe her tactics are destroying the party lines and encouraging McCain support.Go Hillary if you want McCain to win.. (Sorry, she is just annoying me on a daily basis with her fear tactics and more support for the Republican nominee rather than being supporting and civil with her party. As well as her BS on the Nafta, her vote for the War, and her spineless acts as first woman to stand up to lobbiest and give up on ‘her health care plan) I hope the major super delegates step in and tell her to keep this part of the election civil and save the true fight for whoever wins the nomination from the party.Oh, if you are in love with Fox News, …don’t bother adding comments, just because that whole network is showing so much racist, sexist aspects, and Bill ‘O has said things that would get anyone kicked off the air. Research his lynching comment that just earlier Bush said there is no place in America for that term because of the strong racial injustice that is associated to, yet others get kicked off the air for lesser comments.ha.


3 Responses to “Hillary… Destroying Party Lines… You Go Girl!!! (grrr)”

  1. chadlonius said

    I might have to vote for Obama, Im not a democrat but I never liked Clinton from the start. Obama seems young and green but still a better choice then Clinton and God forbid, McCain. If McCain gets elected, I’m moving to New Zealand. Although I will probably have to get in better shape before I depart because I hear you have to pass a physical before getting in the country. Talk about an immigration policy! Half of America would be turned away at the border because we are too out of shape to enter. Ive taken up enough space on your blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Jason said

    Man you guys don’t get it. There are no options left on the table. McCain, Obama and Hillary are all corporate sponsored puppets! They will all run this country into the ground before we see actual “change”. I hate it, but it’s the truth.

  3. Jason said

    Fuck Bill O Riley!

    You mentioned those Super delegates, you know they can be bought and there is nothing illegal about it. Canidates are allowed to give them “gifts”.

    Open up the window and breathe it in. It’s a whole new America out there!

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