Hydro74 Samurai of Death Poster

March 7, 2008

demon.jpgdemon1.jpg demon2.jpg Here is the Samurai poster. Again, turned out great. The spot varnish add just a hint of depth to it. If you are interested in this print, drop a line or post a comment. 74 signed and printed copies only. Also, the paper is French Paper for both posters.

Grab it here


5 Responses to “Hydro74 Samurai of Death Poster”

  1. Flav said

    Man, that looks great !!!

  2. shanesart said

    Looks awesome!

    I’m down with getting a “Samurai of Death” Poster & T-shirt. How much for both and what size is the poster? – S

  3. Jason said

    Might be my favorite to date? It’s kill.

  4. prahjekt said

    I agree. I’d say this and the Fighting For Dreams pieces are your best so far. I’d also like a print of this.

  5. Flav said

    Picked up one of your Samurai posters..

    Every think of making larger prints ?

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