Site Revamp

March 9, 2008

well, i’m expecting a little bit of web geek hate, but I’ve redeveloped the site.  there are still sections that are being developed, as well as art being added on a regular bases, but .. check it out if you haven’t already:


6 Responses to “Site Revamp”

  1. sir jorge said

    It’s looking really good.

  2. Awesome! Thought to have 1 in my office…

  3. shanesart said

    No hate here Bro, site looks pretty dope! Nice job – S

  4. John said

    Looking good (I’m no web geek) so far! Monthly is misspelled (montly) in the third line, other than that it works for me.

  5. Chadlonius said

    Love the landing page graphic. When you get your blog installed on your new site, Id like to know what program/how you did it. Ive been trying to integrate the wordpress blog into mine but havent gotten any love. Keep up the excellent work.

  6. Mocked shirts look a little smaller now.

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