Posters Framed.

March 10, 2008



I framed these up, and honestly, I was super stoked to see how the black and silver popped off the wall when i took a few promo shots for the gallery show.


9 Responses to “Posters Framed.”

  1. Jason said

    Looking fucking sharp!

    I will take both!

  2. shanesart said

    Yo, they look awesome! I’m really diggin’ the Samurai of Death Poster. Can’t wait to get one – S

  3. MQ said

    Really rad man. they look awesome! I love that freakin’ horse!

  4. Lonnie Bahonnis said

    i dunno, for me, and alot of hydro stuff, i just don’t feel it’s meant for anything other than a shirt graphic. for what it is, it’s dope and all that, but..

    on a more critical note, it’s starting to feel like this style of work is starting to oversaturate. there is an awful lot of this style of stuff out there already, and it’s starting to cross pollinate into other clothing lines/sports/industry. i’m not saying it’s the same per se, but it’s apart of the same family of style of graphic. skulls with flourishes, skulls with flourishes, skulls with flourishes, skulls with flourishes. rinse and repeat. i think a big one is affliction. i see affliction freakin’ everywhere these days.

  5. Turney said

    You do some sweet work josh. Any new books coming out soon?

  6. Turney said

    Also, In response to Lonnie’s comment. I understand where your coming from, but I think that eventually styles will evolve and Josh will evolve with it. What is nice about Josh’s work is that he has a certain look that he does better than anyone else, and this ends up being his brand. When you have this strength of a brand clients come to you expecting you to do what your good at and what you enjoy doing (Assuming this is true). I worked for or maybe someone should just trademark the whole skulls flourish thing and be done with it! 🙂

  7. hydro74 said

    the beauty of what i do is that i do, what i want to do. I’m really into these styles, not that this is the only thing i focus at. If you were to see what i do that i can’t post 99% of the time, it far different, but this is what i like to do and i’m happy with it. I’m not worried if you do or do not want it, like it or desire it, it’s fine. I just make what i’m passionate about and enjoy it much the same. (that is a lot of “do’s” in one paragraph, ha)

  8. Lonnie Bahonnis said

    listen, i’m not trying to say you’re a one trick pony or that you should or shouldn’t do this stuff. you post this stuff, and as such you should be ready to have criticism leveled. i read the article/interview you posted awhile ago and there was some mention(i think it was you) of styles you have noticed that are really anchored to a time period and whether or not yours will fall prey to the same sort of thing. for me, it’s getting to the point where i walk into zellers and there’s some no name cheap skateboards with this kind of stuff on it. and there’s a 12year old whining for his mom to buy it with his knock off skulls and flourishes tee. and then his dad walks up and scolds the kid in his knock off tee. i think styles do evolve, but you gotta be careful with it. being at the vanguard of a style is great in the short term, but can be bad in the long run depending how you rock it.

    in any case, i think it’s better to be very good at one thing and run with it, than to be okay at everything. and you are clearly rocking this style like nobody’s bizness, so keep on keepin’ on…

  9. Hey, these turned out pretty good. O wasn’t feelin’ the horse thing when you first posted it but it turned out pretty nice.

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