Samurai Shirt

March 10, 2008

samurai_shirt_sm.jpgHere is the Samurai shirt in all it’s glory. I should have them fully packaged up tonight and on sale tomorrow.

You can grab them over at Legacy of Defeat. Only a few 2xl’s available


9 Responses to “Samurai Shirt”

  1. Chris said

    what did you print on? AA?

  2. shanesart said

    Looks tight! – S

  3. PT said

    Looks tuff as nails. I think you should do fully illustrated shirt, like have illustrations wrapped around the whole thing, lots of skulls and whatnot. it’d look the shizzle!


  4. monkeyknifefight said

    print is on alternative apparel blanks

  5. 2Nickels said

    Whats the prices looking like?

  6. Rina said

    i think i might get one for my BF. sexy sexy sexy

  7. sho said

    i just went through the checkout process – and it said 5 Dollars Shipping cost to Germany. Is that correct?
    how will the items be shipped (in my case T-Shirt and one of the Posters)

    Thanks in advance!

  8. sho said

    PS: i forgot to mention I opted out of the ordering process so i could ask you first before the final purchase.

    my bad!

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