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25 Responses to “About”

  1. you are an inspiration…
    yer stuff is SICK…
    please dont ever stop
    someday when lowbrow(est.2006) makes some money i would be honored to commision a piece
    …keep kickin ass
    – Zach

  2. Hey man,

    Good stuff! I hope your doing well!

  3. Jordan said

    Hey Josh, your work is such an inspiration to designers everywhere. Have you ever thought about translating your work into motion?

  4. carl said

    wow….. amazing

  5. Istvan said

    Happy birthday…your stuffs are great
    So on 😉

  6. Happy Late Birthday man!

    Love the stuff! Still amazing and inspiring!

  7. Alp said

    Hey dude long time no see . . .great stuff as always here. keep in touch !

  8. bravaso ,tus trabajos son muy creativos,te felicito sirven de mucha inspiracion

  9. Great heraldry ilustration! You have a very inspiring and powerful line!

  10. RAZ said

    You are one of the BEST illustrators in the world!You must’ve heard that countless times but i really really admire your works!

  11. Very inspiring stuff.. Love your typetreatments!

  12. Anthony said

    Is any of your stuff for sale? (Font and Vectors)

  13. John Mata said

    Very cool art, Your vector work is amazing…is should give up right now…

  14. Manolito said

    Iam not gonna say what everbody says!! You know your the f*cking best dude!!:) ROCK ON!!!

    grtz from Holland

  15. Molly said

    I am contacting you from Metropolis Bookshop in Melbourne after hearing about your Legacy of Defeat book project. We would love to stock it when it comes out!

  16. Tuck said

    Your work RAWKS!!! Awesome skill!!! You’re definitely one of my fav illustrators! Will be back for updates!

  17. MEÑO said


  18. waldo Devils Ink Tattoo said

    so i want to use your writing style in some of my work u have a full set of what u used for your (shitluck)???? let me know get at me thanks bro good shit

  19. Taylor said

    dude your stuff is amazing, im an art/graphic design student and id just like to ask you how you create your work in illustrator? i really wish i was tought ,

    any reply will be greatly aprechiated stay cool


  20. how do i get in contact for some design work! ur work is amazing!! i could get you some serious work..not that u dont have a problem doing that yourself but if you can contact me i would love to politic with you! awsome stuff!

    dj showtime

  21. Lia said

    Hi, I love your work. I’d like to comission a piece. Please contact me by e-mail if this is doable. Thanks.

  22. hypesucks said

    Hi dude !

    Love your work and so does this non creative guy :
    Check out his blog and you’ll understand.

    See ya

    HxS from Paris, France

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