String Republic

June 12, 2007


I’ve been invited to be part of the next artist series for String Republic over in the UK. Quite exciting, however the deadline is far to quick to do anything custom. So my question to you is this: What is your favorite Hydro74 Illustration, or what would look sick on a shoe. I’ve already mocked up one, but i wanted to give a few other mock up’s as well.

So let me know your thoughts.

*Above shoe is by Attaboy. He is co Founder of Hi-Fructose, a great Vinyl toy magazine. I had the pleasure of working on a few things for Hi-Fructose and Attaboy a while back.



June 11, 2007

Here are a couple recent pieces for Emerica. I’ve been playing around with knocking out halftones textures and playing with custom built bitmaps to see what sort of unique effects I can develop.

Going to print…

May 29, 2007


Going to send these two designs over to the printer today. I haven’t fully broke down sizes yet, but if you want one, drop a line and give me your size. When I send over the art either tonight or tomorrow morning, i’m going to have my size break downs in hand. Going to be small runs mostly on skull pieces since that is for the gallery show over in St. Pete. However if you do want that piece, let me know and i’ll make sure to hold that many back.

Apparel Development

May 10, 2007


Well… enought said with those images. Been busy. Also thanks to THU (TEAM HYDRO UNION) for the assistance. THU is basically some of my freelancers who assist.

Xgames Apparel

May 3, 2007


A nice pleasent surprise when i discovered that the new Xgames line for ESPN was out. Here are a few pieces i noticed that were graced by the Hydro™ hand. I guess there is a commercial out with a lot of this art out there. haven’t scene it yet, but soon 🙂

Macy’s Department Store

April 27, 2007


Here are a few illustrations i did for Macy’s Department Stores. It’s for the kids line they produce in house. I actually had a lot of fun doing the football one. Reminds me when i played in Jr.High and High School. But i didn’t play often, since i’m only 5 foot 5, and played a linebacker. Yeah.. didn’t play much at all.. sigh..

Anyway, … as i get back on topic. It was a fun project. Macy’s is a great client.