These two prints are in process of getting printed. Should have them in hand tomorrow afternoon. I’m going to be dropping them off at a upcoming show for opening night, but if anyone is interested, let me know, I will give you the ‘blog’ discount, which will be $40 + shipping. At the show, they will be set at $60 since they are limited editions.

email me if interested:



Just finalized the new ad for Kink. I really do love working with them because they give me some freedom to play around with different things. Granted, I personally love just product driven ads, with little to none in the way of action photography, but over all, these pieces are still fun to work with.

Kink Ad

May 4, 2007


Here is a ad i’m developing for Kink. Since this is product driven, unlike most other BMX ads where you need a action shot, i’m quite happy with pushing the focus on simple typography and well defined product with a little touch up. Over all, i’m very happy with it. We’ll see where it goes once we finalize, but this is a work in progress.

The Golden Skull

April 27, 2007


Here is something i was playing around with last night. I thought it was pretty rad when i got done with it. It was actually designed as a CD cover mock. Just so i could have some reference on typography

Harry Potter

April 27, 2007


A while back I was given a project to do a pitch for Harry Potter. It was a fun project, which I will admit, i didn’t have the confidence to provide the style that was needed. However, Evoke said they had faith and by the end of the project, i was very happy. Granted, it was a lot of work trying to get each image of each character in, then color match so it looked as if they were all part of the same shot. I’m quite happy with them. The only bad thing is that the site launched, and nothing that I assisted with made it into the pitch. No biggie 🙂