June 11, 2007

Here are a couple recent pieces for Emerica. I’ve been playing around with knocking out halftones textures and playing with custom built bitmaps to see what sort of unique effects I can develop.



Just finalized the new ad for Kink. I really do love working with them because they give me some freedom to play around with different things. Granted, I personally love just product driven ads, with little to none in the way of action photography, but over all, these pieces are still fun to work with.


May 29, 2007


One of the projects from last week was a project for Quiksilver. I had to bust out a bunch of pieces for them and also invited a couple freelancers to assist. Troy White had some great success with his pieces. As much as i get busy, i really do just taking some extra time to explore typography and seeing what I can come up with. Granted, the piece above is pretty straight forward, it actually took sometime to make it flow. But the end product looked nice.

Shit Luck

May 21, 2007


In the middle of a project, i took a moment to play around with a some letters and seeing what i can come up with. Granted, i like the structure of most tattoo typography and this one was somewhat easy. Some of the letters i built look a little off when i tried to build a letter set. I am happy with it for being a first pass.

Okay, i know this isn’t that exciting, but i can’t really show much more than this right now due to the hush hush nature of a few projects. Sometime soon tho!!

Apparel Development

May 10, 2007


Well… enought said with those images. Been busy. Also thanks to THU (TEAM HYDRO UNION) for the assistance. THU is basically some of my freelancers who assist.

Xgames Apparel

May 3, 2007


A nice pleasent surprise when i discovered that the new Xgames line for ESPN was out. Here are a few pieces i noticed that were graced by the Hydro™ hand. I guess there is a commercial out with a lot of this art out there. haven’t scene it yet, but soon 🙂

Work In Progress V3.2

April 24, 2007


V3.2 – type.
still needs some cleaning. might even change it a little. but here is the work in progress.