I couldn’t sleep last night for some strange reason. I started on the Organic set around Midnight, just to get a new set over to them also to take my mind off of current projects because I getting a bit stressed on the amount that needs to be done. Next thing i know, it was 3am. I still wasn’t tired, so i figured i would collect up all the money elements I’ve scanned it, cleaned up and actually spent a lot of time getting them to look decent enough. So it was around 5am, still couldn’t sleep, even tho i did try for a short bit, but my mind was everywhere. Finally i feel to sleep around 5:30 only to be awakened around 8 by my kids. My wife, being the great wife she is, let me sleep in a little bit longer.. but at least i have something to show for my insomnia. Two new vector sets for YWFT.

**They just got posted!.
Regime 04 >> Here
Botanicals 15 >>> Here


YWFT | Two New Sets

May 4, 2007


Grifter 30 is a collection of bursts and explosions. It is a set i have used to throw down a little vector dirtyness behind something to make the foreground pop


Grifter 31 is a collection of odd bones i’ve shuffled together to create some weird looking beasts. I like these because you can create some really strange looking crests from them or add a crazy bone texture to whatever you’ve designed.

YWFT | Sets are up

April 26, 2007


Legion 16 is now up


Legion 17 is now up as well

I had a few emails on this so just wanted to make a post and let you know.

YWFT. Another New Set

April 25, 2007


I thought I would produce one more set tonight since I had fun with the last heraldry set.

This set is up at YWFT >>> Click me

Royality Vector Set

April 24, 2007


Last night i threw together a new vector set for YWFT. This one is amazingly refined and i’m throwing in a few prized Hydro elements. I personally love heraldry and being able to create your own ideas and versions within it. So i’m pretty stoked on this set.