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I got a email from the printer today stating the two poster prints (horse & demon) will be done as well as the shirts on Thursday, thus will be getting them in Friday or this weekend. Super stoked. This way, since both of the prints i did on plexi-glass will get framed properly. I’m doing a run of 72 shirts, in all sizes up to 2XL. Some are getting shipped off to some clients as well as a few designers. Rumor has it that at the next OFFF, The Ronin will be rep’n the Hydro. Over all, the printing is far better than the last shirts since the eye for detail on their end has been promised. Also on the shirt, i did a inside hit with the logo. By the end of the month, I should have hang tags and woven labels produced for the Hydro74 promo side, which will make the shirt a bit more unique as well as being able to offer it up to a couple vendors I know. So yeah, drop a line if you are interested. I should have my cart up sometime next week, and don’t sweat costs, I’m going to make them affordable!



Today was one of those days. All over the map, trying to get projects done, had to run to a meeting, had dinner with family, which is a weekly ritual. However the one part of the day that was most interesting was meeting up with Rick from Capitol Records who was doing a radio station tour with Fat Joe. He has a sub brand (apparel) that he’s working on as well as getting me into the system over at Capitol (fingers crossed), so we talked for a bit, and getting a chance to talk in person. But after the radio bit, I got to talk with Fat Joe for a short while. It was a exciting moment, for which I now have a moment to make Danny Jones a little envious (hell yeah!). You got your cupcakes Mr. Jones, but i got the Joe! (so joken)

Hydro Poster

March 5, 2008


Here is another poster that is going to be done up here in March. This print will be two colors and a spot gloss over the top. Super stoked on this one. Only 74 copies will be done up. Basically what I’m trying to explore are some different ideas in the illustrations I’ve been doing. I love detail but on the same token, most of the elements always used have been ornate. Thus wanted to take the approach with some geometric styles and solid shapes to define the piece a little more. Quite fun.


March 3, 2008


When I’m in between projects, or just need to take my mind off of something I’m doing for a client, I try to sneak in a personal project here and there to refresh. Mostly just doing mock ups for the fun of it. This was one of those. I have great respect for the Mad L’s so I thought to myself, I wonder what i could do on one. Thus this is it. It’s somewhat like the dunny mocks i did, but still, turned out decent. Alright, feel fired up now, need to rock some deadlines!


February 29, 2008


Been working on some various patterns today. Trying to get this defined and a better understanding on how they are developed. It’s been a fun little side project.

Tribal Bear

February 28, 2008


One of the projects being worked on is some illustrations for Tribal Gear. I’m currently in process of developing a bear for them and making a few other pieces as well. Super stoked to be involved with them.

Right now I’m still dialing in details and color with it. Should be pretty nice once it is finalized.

February 28, 2008


The Horse print is in progress. Should be getting them shortly. It’s black paper stock, with Silver Ink. 74 Pieces are being produced. For the gallery show, one piece is going to be on plexiglass with a painted background. Should be interesting.

4 Horseman Gallery Show

February 26, 2008


Ah. One of my first few illustrations this year.  Obviously there have been others, but I cannot show them.  Anyway.  Chris Parks over at Blackout Creations (now PaleHorse) is throwing a gallery show with some local and international designers.  I decided to work on my piece last night and here is the rough.  Once it’s done, I will be getting it screen printed and doing about 100 prints.  This is still a work in progress but it’s getting closer to what I was wanting from the piece. 

Fairspot Interview

February 16, 2008

fairspot.jpgJust recently I did a interview with which was a absolute pleasure.  I’ve been nailed down by some projects for Burton, An NYC Agency and Dragon this week that it was nice to take a small break and talk shop.    One of the nice things however this week was a challenge I’ve placed on myself, which is to define some new directions in my work and not to be so expected in my approach  but to develop some new visual concepts that will help me unite a few different styles.  It’s fun, but on the same token, there are many moments of just sitting and spinning my wheels thinking.  On a side note, I lost over 10 pounds with the diet, hand to break free from it for a couple days and feel normal, however going hard core back into after the weekend. 

Hydro74 Shirt

February 16, 2008

hydro74_shirt_sm.jpgThis is also in process with some other prints that are getting developed.  There should be a set of 5 total shirts by the time the new Hydro site launches.  Each print will be limited without reprints.  So keep your mouses posted to some newness.