Alright. I took some shots, not the greatest quality… Actually they are not that great at all, however I was just playing around with them and doing some overlays, and they might come in handy. Feel free to use and abuse these.

HydroFree | Fireworks ::Hydro Fireworks


I was getting ready to work on a project when I noticed a folder I actually forgot about. It was a old illustration mock for a client (that never paid, ha) from about 2 years ago. The illustration is decent. But i will never get a use out of it. Feel free to download it, check it out. the file is pretty raw, and keep in mind, it was from a couple years ago.

HydroFree: The MudBug

*Enjoy & Share a file with a friend this week.


Here is a set that I was going to put together for myself, however, they didn’t turn out as i would of hoped, thus i’l have to do some super clean versions. I’ve always enjoyed Soviet & Chinese propaganda. It’s rich in history as well as rigid structures. It’s a shame that Obey has pretty much killed it for anyone wanting to develop it, but then again, they make some damn good shirts and posters!

So with that said, my minor test turns into your gain.
Download China >>> Here

*1. I do this as a friend and as a favor to designers, 2. don’t direct link, that is just shady… give proper credit & 3. Do something nice for someone this weekend and upcoming week!


Last couple days i decided with any free time i would reconstruct my ‘Vector Vault’ and retire certian pieces I’ve used quite a bit as well as develop new pieces from the mounds of books I have in my office. It’s just a way to give a fresher approach and encourage some creative values to come forth.

In doing so, one of the files I have used quite a bit in the past was a nice little collection of Flourishes that I’ve collected from different sources. Most of these are standard and if you look in the right place you’ll be able to find them. Pretty much public domain by now. So what that said, i offer up my collection to you. I didn’t develop these, except for the type and heart thing at the top of the file… I know some of you have been jonesing to see some of my type up close. So enjoy.

Hydro Flourishes: Download Here

*and as always. Custom hydro vector is HERE, and this will only be up for a limited time.


Here are some random asian elements I had. I figured the could be of use to someone since I haven’t touched them in a long time.

Download>>> Hydro Free V.9


Here are some random elements I vectored up real quick for a project. I haven’t used them in ages, so as a nice friday gift, they are yours to download, use and abuse.

Hydro Free v.8 >> Military

* Don’t try to sell or post as downloads on your site. These pieces will only be up for a short while. If you really enjoy the free stuff, check out my sets over at YWFT and support Hydro74

Photo Sharpening

May 2, 2007

Medium Contrast
High Contrast

I’ve always enjoyed sharpening up photos to give it that extra pop. Here are a couple Photoshop Actions I put together for myself as well as my wife so we can tweak out some photos we really like. Since I’m not a Photoshop master by any means, a lot of designers have their own methods and take time to clean up and play around.

However, since I’m a nice guy, i thought you guys (and maybe a girl or two who check out my work) might enjoy this action. Download and see if this helps you out on a project. Lastly, as a good Streamline or Live Trace action, shapen up your image on High Contrast, then do your Live Trace or Streamlining. This will make your clip art pop out more and give it just a tad bit more detail. Also, use this on high resolution images.

Download Action >>> Here
Here is a nice HOW TO INSTALL site


Okay. After a few suggestions, here is a real quick tutorial I threw together. Clipping is a simple function in Illustrator but sometimes the fun things you can do with it are over looked. Here is something i played with recently and i enjoyed the results.

Hydro Tutorial >> The Art of Clipping

*it’s saved as a pdf, but open the file in Illustrator.

Hydro Free v.7 | Organic

April 25, 2007


I know the real reason why you read this blog, not because I’m talented or handsome, or cool to say the least. It’s the vector i throw down…
It’s all good. Here is something I found tonight that never made the light of day except for a few friends. It’s nothing special, however they are great for backgrounds and a nice texture. They are royalty free, so feel free to abuse them in any fashion.


*please don’t distribute or sell.


Here are some files that i don’t believed I have ever used. About a year and a half ago, a friend scanned these in and sent them over to me from Germany, so I don’t take credit for these. I never got around to using them, so for a nice Friday treat, some more elements.